PLASTHISTORIA DE LA HUMANIDAD | Un mundo de plastilina

7 June 2019 - 1 October 2019 | Main floor

A look back at the history of Humanity, through scenes modelled in plasticine, Plastihistory of Humanity is an exhibition that offers a fun, educational look at the great events of universal history.

Highly detailed plasticine dioramas bring to life the most important moments of human history down the ages, with very precise figures which took months to study and produce.

The exhibition takes the visitor on an entertaining, educational trip from the Palaeolithic to the times of globalisation, by way of Egypt, the Phoenicians, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Goya and the conquest of space. Stories that need to be told and that can be seen in the different halls of Patio Andaluz.

At this exhibition, ideal for all ages but especially for children, visitors will discover the great moments of humanity and will enjoy learning about our past and our present.

The Gaviria Palace hosts Plastihistory of Humanity in collaboration with the Educa Foundation, a private, independent, not-for-profit organisation whose objectives focus on work with children and young people through education and training as part of a process to enrich society and for progress.

Plastihistory of Humanity is an informative, cultural exhibition that teaches our history down the ages, and is an ideal holiday activity for children.