17 October 2018 - 30 November 2018 | PATIO ANDALUZ

Francesca Leone has been thinking about consumerism and the waste it leaves behind, about memory and intimacy through the artwork she has produced in recent years. In her first solo exhibition in Spain, specially designed for the Patio Andaluz of the Gaviria Palace, the Italian artist lays out a journey that takes us across Pompeii’s ‘Domus’. The artworks she has produced during the last three years are displayed within the different spaces, works in which she uses a range materials such as everyday waste items, rusty iron or raw cement. The exhibition is commissioned by Danilo Eccher, art critic and curator, and it is entitled ‘Domus’ because in order to put it into place and set it up, the distribution of Pompeii houses’ interiors is recreated, organised around a (at times flowery) Roman atrium – aditionally engaging with the Gaviria Palace’s own origins as an aristocratic household. As such, in the gallery’s central space, the Patio Andaluz, a garden has been made out of rubbish, with waste that can only be discernable from a certain distance: papers, fag-ends and all kinds of residues caught in the nooks and crannies of an urban grid, displaying, in a subtle yet expressive way, the trail left by humans across the city.

Other artworks shown in the Patio Andaluz, belong to the series ‘Voliera’, a collection that calls for a reflection on human freedom: the real, the unreal and the imagined.

This exhibition, designed exclusively for the Gaviria Palace, includes Francesca Leone’s full artistic itinerary within the last three years, starting with the installation ‘Our Trash’ at Milan’s Triennale in 2015, as well as the show ‘Giardino’ for the Museo Macro in Rome, and finishing with her ‘Monaci’ for the Reale Albergo dei Poveri in Palermo in June 2018. The exhibition in the Gaviria Palace’s Patio Andaluz marks the pinnacle of the most recent work of this Italian artist.