EDUARDO NARANJO | Obra reciente

12 June 2018 - 22 July 2018 | PATIO ANDALUZ

Gaviria Palace’s Patio Andaluz opens its doors to an exhibition of Eduardo Naranjo’s recent work, an artist from Extremadura and one of the greatest exponents of contemporary realist painting together with Antonio López. After more than a decade without a show solely dedicated to him in Madrid, and after almost 50 years of the artist’s first solo exhibition in the capital, the painter selects from amongst his work, 20 large format paintings and drawings, belonging to different moments and states of mind. In this show, the artist suggests a new reading of his own work and a synthesis of his own reflections in the different series he has been working on recently, as well as distinctly imprinting his own style, linked to the magic and oneiric realism characteristic of his work.

Naranjo’s solo exhibition in the Patio Andaluz of the Gaviria Palace includes some of the pieces of his series ‘Reflections’, a collection inspired on a trip to the island of Fuerteventura, with paintings that show ephemeral and unique moments. In addition, the public can see works such as ‘Hug in the Sea’, a clear homage to people with Down Syndrome. Landscapes, two self-portraits and family scenes complete this exhibition of the artist from Extremadura.

Eduardo Naranjo, an artist outside all trends and of very few solo exhibitions – by contrast, his work is often displayed in collective art shows together with other contemporary artists – he is currently one of the most prestigious Spanish painters. He is a genuine celebrity in countries such as Taiwan and China, where he has been giving master classes at the universities of Hangzhou and Beijing; he has also exhibited etchings and sketches in the capital’s CAFA Museum.